The Many Benefits You Can Get From The Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double girder overhead cranes provide support that can be used for hoisting and moving heavy equipment and machinery. These cranes consist of 4 distinct parts including a bridge frame with 2 end beams and two main girders, a traveling mechanism, and a trolley utilizing a frame and electrical parts.

The bridge frame has a box-shaped main girder, a walkway, a stop beam, a rail, and an operation cabinet. Double girder overhead cranes are beneficial in many ways. Here are the benefits of a double girder overhead crane:

double girder overhead crane for sale
Double Girder Overhead Crane

Strength and rigid torsion capability
The strength and torsion capability of double girder cranes is one of the major benefits of a double girder crane. In addition, the configuration provides for minimum wear as the connections between the girders are designed in such a way that they can offer minimum wear as they are made to precisely machined tolerances. This makes the double girder crane’s operation very stable.

Another good thing about a double girder overhead crane is that it is highly cost-effective meaning that you don’t have to dig deeper into your wallet to get this quality product. And you know what? You will get a crane with a reliable monitoring, low dead weight factor, and preventive maintenance capability at an affordable cost.

The excellent load capacities which these cranes have enabled them to allow movement and carrying capacity which are not for sale in other applications. They often supply very productive and stable operations for heavy machinery and items.

Can transport tall equipment
A double girder overhead crane offers an increased hook height which helps it transport tall equipment. Therefore, a double girder crane can be able more lift due to the fact that the hook is found between the cross girders instead of below a cross girder. This enables the height from the life to become 18-36 inches higher than one girder cranes. Remember that a one girder crane’s lift has limitations to the height from the girder.

Enables the lifting mechanism to become the top running
Top running refers to the ability to run along a track which is something that is often set in addition to the double girder assembly. A one girder crane does not enable the lifting mechanism to become top running as their assembly is located below the girder.

This top running set up is important as it can handle and lift very heavy loads especially loads weighing 20 tons or more. When it comes to handling and lifting a load weighing 20 tons or more, the crane assembly is often tied into the building support steel for additional strength.

A good running overhead assembly can also be beneficial when high headroom is needed when transporting heavy or tall items. This makes double girder cranes ideal for situations where the space between girders needs to be full of crane lights, cabs, cable reels, walkways, cable reels, and other necessary equipment.

Can accomplish more with minimum effort
Double girder cranes can do more with minimum effort. This is due to the fact that it allows for the positioning of 2 hoists on one trolley. Accomplishing more with minimum effort makes these cranes more productive than one girder cranes.